LPG & CNG Installations

Basic information about LPG & CNG installation to your car

  • Time of installation is 1-2 days.
  • The car must have valid STK and it must be your property or at least registered in your name.
  • It is necessary to bring small and large vehicle identification card to make a record about installation.
  • After installation you will receive revisory certificate, there will be record in your large vehicle identification card about installation. Then you will take these documents and small vehicle identification card and you will go to respective Magistrate – Transport Department where they will change your small vehicle identification card and make note to the database.
  • After installation “guarantee” adjustment follows (up to 2,000 km after installation) – adjustment and components and setting check. This adjustment if FOR FREE.
  • Guarantee conditions follow the civil code (2 years).
  • You do not have to pay ROAD TAX for car with LPG installation used for business activities.
  • We can also install solid fuel injection (FSI).
  • You have to change LPG filters every 15,000 km or every year.

For our clients we offer LPG at a reduced price at LPG Station in Brno-Líšeň and other actions.


Ceník montáží LPG/CNG


Kalkulačka úspor LPG

LPG Advantage

  • Carbon does not emerge during LPG combustion.
  • Do not devalue oil filling.
  • Ecological run.
  • Economic run.
  • Longer operating range (gas tank and petrol tank).
  • Zero road tax.

You can purchase LPG installation on installments.For more information click here >>

LPG installation process

  • Car reception and order sheet issue.
  • Control of the car by machinist before installation.
  • Motor strip and component position planning.
  • Water circuit and electrical circuit conduction planning.
  • Component positioning according to plan, holder production…
  • Connection to water circuit of the car.
  • Connection of electrical control and sensing.
  • Tank and conduction assembly.
  • Motor start, check of connections and functioning.
  • Fueling up of LPG.
  • First setting and control switching to LPG.
  • Auto-calibration and fine-tuning during ride.
  • Car hand back to client.

LPG Service

Before you cover 2,000 km after installation we provide “guarantee” adjustment (for free) because of running in of components that has influence on adjustment.


When to come for guarantee adjustment:

  • After 2,000 km.
  • If the indication light „check control“ is on.
  • If motor goes down during engine idle.

Photogallery - Conversion to LPG

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Photogallery - LPG Installation

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