Air Conditioning System

We provide service, filling and disinfection car air conditioning systems. We use new special technology by BOSCH and Profiozone GO-3500.

Standard filling of car air conditioning systems for CZK 650,-

Deisinfection of ozone for CZK 390,-

Car A/C service includes

  • Replenishing of special coolant R134.
  • Filling in of oil.
  • Check of circuit tightness.
  • Complete disinfection. (390Kč)
  • Pigment application because of easy detection of leakage.
  • Detection of leakage.
How often to service your car air condition system?
Once in a year.
Why to make disinfection of air condition system?
Bacteria appear in car air conditioning system that can cause health troubles and later they cause smell in the car during use of A/C.
When to make service and cleaning of A/C?
In spring.
How long it takes to replenish the A/C and make desinfection?
Usually approx. 1,30 hour.

Desinfection of OZONE O3:

  • The strongest oxidation agent (3000 x faster than chlorine)
  • Don´t exist any virus or bacteria which resist ozone
  • effectively eliminate blight, fungi, mites and allergens
  • remove causal of smell ( cigarette smoke, animals, mustiness )
  • effectively desinfecting interior of cars including ventilating and air condition system
  • ozone is gas so he get deep to all interior space and material pores
  • don´t hide cause of smell but permanently smell remove
  • don´t leave any trace on textile or leather
  • make it what not possible any aerosol do
  • is suitable for allergic and asthmatic person
  • whole process take 50 minutes


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